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PosterMan Mobile Billboard LED


PosterMan Mobile Billboard type: L / SL

Exposure: two-sided.

Outer dimension in mm: 1450x630x50

Frame Color: Black / Black

Model / Type:
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Postr Man - Mobile Billboard - LED / Black backlit poster

Type: L / SL

We present the product: PosterMan. A new form of non-standard ambient advertising.
Designed to create a specific product or service, for a specific advertising campaign.
Non-standard use of the so far existing stationary advertising media, such as: billboards, advertising poles, advertising display cases, boards, hanging posters.
PosterMan is a mobile advertising medium that interacts with the recipient, passersby who are within his reach.
Very high efficiency, illuminated at night. Perfect for indoor and outdoor campaigns.
Available in:
  • "L" type - without LED display
  • Type "SL" with LED display (scrolling text)
================================================== =====
We also offer mobile billboards with LED and LCD screens - look in the store.
================================================== ========
  • aesthetic
  • functional
  • OWZ snap frame - quick poster replacement
  • on back
  • comfortable, strong harness
  • mobile
  • backlit
  • perfectly visible during the day and at night
  • is wherever you want
  • light
  • effective
  • functional


  • one-off or multiple advertising campaigns
  • promotional campaigns
  • fair
  • events
  • distributing leaflets
  • distribution of invitations
  • ticket sale

Technical Specifications: Click Product Details

================================================== =====

Are you looking for effective LED Mobile Billboards in a different type or size? Make an inquiry .

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product specification
PosterMan Type: L. Type: SL-Y
The external dimension 1450x630mm 1450x630mm
Height 50mm 50mm
Print dimension Back / back: 1400x582mm
Front: 610x582mm
Back / back: 1302x576mm
Front: 593x576mm
The visible size of the poster Back / Back: 1380x560mm
Front: 590x560mm
Back / Back: 1297x563mm
Front: 587x563mm
Backlight Type Backlite / Bilateral: back / front Backlite / Bilateral: back / front
Source of light High power SMD2830 LEDs High power SMD2830 LEDs
Backlight color White White
LED display Lack Programmable - Scrolling Text. Height 90mm
The color of the displayed text Not applicable Red, green or blue
Dedicated printout Print on Backlit Film Print on Backlit Film
Power Lithium battery:
Capacity: 8800mAh
Lithium battery:
Capacity: 8800mAh
Battery life 5-7h 5-7h
How to replace graphics Snap frame OWZ Snap frame OWZ
Hidden support system Yes Yes
Included Charger, harness, kickstand Charger, harness, kickstand
LED lifetime 50,000 hours minimum 50,000 hours minimum
Weight 8kg 8kg

Data sheet

Exposure: Double-sided
MODEL PM-1463-L / PM-1463-SL
Frame type Snap frame OWZ
Thickness: 50mm
The method of exchanging the poster: Snap frame (Open-Insert-Close)
Version: 12.6V4A / Lithium battery: Capacity: 8800mAh
Backlight Type: Edged (Backlite type), evenly over the entire surface
Weight: 8kg
Set contains: Posterman, 12.6V4A charger, harness, kickstand
Backlight color: white
Poster size in mm Type: L (Back / Back: 1400x582mm Front: 610x582mm) Type; SL (Back / Back: 1302x576mm Front: 593x576mm)
Visible Poster Size in mm Type: L (Back / Back: 1380x560mm Front: 590x560mm) Type: SL (Back / Back: 1297x563mm Front: 587x563mm)
External Dimension in mm (MLB-11BG) 1450x630
Additional LED Display: Do not contain
LED Display Type: SL Programmable (Bluetooth) / Scrolling Text / 90mm Height
Display text color: Type: SL) single color / red, blue or green)
Battery: "YES" (Type: L / Type: SL)
Battery life: 5-7h
LED lifetime 50,000 hours minimum
Dedicated printout: Print on Backlit Film

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PosterMan Mobile Billboard LED

PosterMan Mobile Billboard type: L / SL

Exposure: two-sided.

Outer dimension in mm: 1450x630x50

Frame Color: Black / Black

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