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Interactive floor / wall

iMagic Floor - Interactive floor

We present you an integrated multimedia system that allows you to connect a computer, projector, interactive modules and specialized software. It is an intelligent system that integrates image display, sound emission and motion detected within its range. Thanks to the enormous functionality, it is possible to easily and quickly adapt to almost any space. The iMagic Floor interactive floor takes us into a magical world, revives and sets in motion every room and every person in it.

We offer our clients a unique, innovative message of advertising content, allowing the recipients to interact with the advertisement. You can use a powerful database of 2D and 3D animations that will encourage the participation of every recipient. It is also an excellent educational tool that engages participants in games, fun and the marketing message that flows from them. We provide you with access to a huge range of educational games, games, interactive and modern advertising tools that help promote your brand, product, seasonal sales and other events. The interactive floor is an effective solution for business. First of all, it is used by shops, shopping centers, car showrooms and clubs. It is also perfect for trade fairs, events and other mass events, as a permanent or temporary installation.

The great advantage of this solution is its low price, which in the context of ease of installation and operation is one of the most important arguments for our customers. We invite you to cooperation.

Where can iMagic Floor interactive floors be used? First of all, they are shopping malls, car showrooms, educational institutions, playgrounds, night clubs, hotels, restaurants and cafes, as well as museums, galleries and private homes. The only limitation is your imagination.

Interactive floor / wall


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