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WiFi LED S-Panel

 S- LED panel R G B

Dynamic backlight

  • The perfect way to decorate interiors, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.
  • Modern light source: WiFi control, APP /
  • Sound activated.
  • Widely used at home and in the company,
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Smart Panel LED is available in many models, sizes ..
It is delivered with control and power supply.
Available colors: R G B.
Ask for a quote by e-mail or by phone.
We work with architects and interior designers from all over Poland.
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Our headquarters: Kołobrzeg - Zachodniopomorskie
tel. 602-11-49-84
We invite designers, decorators and interior architects to cooperate with us.

WiFi LED S-Panel


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S-Panel LED - WiFi APP

Mounting: permanent

Module outer dimension: 250mm / side

Shape: Equilateral triangle

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