Delivery Terms:

The ordered goods are shipped using the selected form chosen by the customer.

Purchases can be paid both by prepayment to our account (traditional transfer or DotPay express transfer) and sent by cash on delivery (payable on delivery).

The cost of shipping a package depends on the selected shipping method, payment type, weight and dimensions. When counting the weight of a package, take into account the weight of the package.
Entering the wrong address may result in a non-delivery and the customer will be charged with additional transport costs.

We make shipments as follows:

1. Any form of delivery chosen by the customer, by courier:
a. items with standard dimensions, parcels up to 50 kg
on a standard pallet 120x80 cm, weight up to 350 kg
c. oversized items with non-standard dimensions

On average, goods in stock are shipped within 1-2 business days from the moment of purchasing the goods or placing an order.
Other products are shipped according to the delivery time stated on the product page.

We accept telephone orders.