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Dynamic posters

Poster Dynamic LED - LED poster intaraktywny

A new form of non-standard ambient advertising.
Designed to create a specific product or service, for a specific advertising campaign.
Widely used, all outdoor and indoor (e.g. CityLight, roadside billboards, advertising in premises, hotels, car showrooms, advertising in fitness clubs, schools).
It is also used as a permanent interior decoration element: painting, landscape, any vector graphics.
And all this in the Dynamic version, with LED backlight.
Non-standard use of the so far existing stationary advertising media, such as: billboards, advertising poles, advertising display cases, boards, hanging posters.
It is a dynamic advertising medium that interacts with the recipient, passers-by who are within his reach.
Very high efficiency, illuminated day and night.

  • One-off or multiple advertising campaigns
  • promotional campaigns
  • Fair
  • Events
  • Interior design
  • LED backlight
  • Backlight color: white or R G B
  • Variable lighting effects, variable pace or colors (RGB version)
  • Changeable program, adapted to specific graphics
  • The driver is included
  • Uploading / uploading files: On-line, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Pendrive, SD card
  • The ability to transfer files to many devices at the same time, located in different places
  • Delivered with OWZ frame or Fabric (print on fabric for illumination)
  • Perfectly visible day and night
  • You can highlight prints on glass

Dynamic posters


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LED frame - MLBF-20DSH Exposure: one-sided.

Version: wall mounted

Print dimensions in mm: A2 (630x430mm) / A1 (830x630mm)

Frame Color: Anode Silver / Silver

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