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Video Poster

Video Poster LED R G B

Video Poster LED, LED poster mobile or stationary solution that introduces innovation, versatility in visual communication.

It was designed with the use of the latest LED technologies, thanks to which we obtain a smooth, high-quality screen for the transmission of advertising content, video spots, photos. Everything is closed in a thin, anodized, durable and light aluminum profile. As a result, the entire device, weighing less than 35 kg, makes it portable and easy to install.

Enjoy the privilege of viewing and loading your own video, audio or photo files from anywhere in the world thanks to the included software package.

  • Update your digital content in the built-in media player via LAN, Wi-Fi or USB.
  • The easy-to-use on-screen menu makes setting up content a breeze and no complications to set up!
  • Very easy service access, replacement of the front panel, LED module using a magnetic holder, no wiring.
  • High refresh rate (> 3000 Hertz) and 128 steps of gradation control.
  • Managed via the APP that works with Android, directly from a tablet or smartphone
  • It does not require an additional computer, it saves cost, increases reliability and makes operation easier.
  • Content can be updated over the network or via USB drive, new files will be loaded automatically.
  • It supports almost all video and image formats, stored and supported by 5GB of internal memory.
  • Non-standard use of the so far existing stationary advertising media, such as: billboards, advertising poles, advertising showcases, boards, hanging posters.
  • It is a dynamic advertising medium that interacts with the recipient, passers-by who are within their reach.
    Very high efficiency, illuminated day and night.


  • One-off or multiple advertising campaigns
  • promotional campaigns
  • Fairs, Events
  • Clothing showrooms, car showrooms, hotels, restaurants, fintess clubs, etc.

Video Poster


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Video Poster LED / model: VPLC-VP

Installation: free-standing

The size of the displayed image: P3 576x1728mm / P2.6 500x1500mm / P2.6 500x1750mm / P2.5 500x750mm / P2.5 500x1000mm / P2.5 500x1250mm / P2.5 500x1500mm / P2.5 500x1750mm / P2.5 750x1750mm / P2.5 750x2000mm

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