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Payment methods

The store supports the following payment methods

  • Dotpay/Visa/Mastercard/PayPal

These payment methods support DotPay. Once the payment is selected, the customer is directed to the website of the selected bank or payment card service where payments are made. When this process is complete, the funds are posted by the company in real time. Confirmation of the credit posting will be sent by e-mail and available on the websites of the online store in the user panel.

  • Traditional bank transfer

Jerzy Prokopowicz
Ul. Konwaliowa 3, 78-100 Zieleniewo


PL42 2530 0008 2033 1039 2072 0001


Title: Transaction code/order number (received by e-mail or SMS) or customer's name, city and subject matter

  • Payment on delivery

Payment for the ordered goods takes place at the time of delivery of the goods. This is a cash payment to be made to the courier or postman when the package is received. The fee for picking packages is based on the cost table of the price of the goods plus the cost of shipping. Pick-up packages are delivered to the freight forwarder within 24 hours of the order. The delivery time depends on the freight forwarder.