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LED frames - made to measure

  Illuminated LED frames - made to measure  

Practical, aesthetic, super-thin LED Illuminated Frames - snap-on OWZ. An innovative way to convey advertising content, a fashionable element of interior decoration.
Made with the use of the latest technology for illumination: LED panel.
LED panel: Ultra thin, efficient and energy-saving, thickness from 4mm.
Our frames are an effective form of display, promotion and an ideal decorative addition.
In combination with prints on Back Lite film or canvas for illumination, they
introduce a unique atmosphere, positively affect the visual quality of the interior. This illuminated element will certainly look good in any hotel building, restaurant, and private interior. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the solutions and models we present.

We are sure that you will be willing to invest in these original advertising and decorative tools!

As an experienced, long-term manufacturer of LED Panels and LED Illuminated Frames, we have a great understanding of the market, we know the needs of customers. We offer a very large range of these universal devices, among which everyone will find a product for themselves from among the available models.

To meet the ever-growing requirements of our customers, our team of professionals willingly undertakes new challenges in creating personalized solutions, atypical, unique projects.

What distinguishes our LED frames?

  • is a new, innovative LED backlight technology
  • the light is evenly dispersed over the entire surface of the advertisement or image
  • available backlight colors: white or RGB
  • ultra thin design: from 8mm
  • in an aluminum frame or frameless (acrylic)
  • wide range of color frames
  • various designs of aluminum frames, with different widths and heights, will satisfy every customer
  • type: OWZ - snap type, aluminum (Classic)
  • type: Magnetic - magnetically mounted front panel (Elegant)
  • type: Fabric - canvas print (Artistic)
  • light
  • energy-saving
  • two-sided or one-sided - placing an advertisement on both or one side
  • easy way to place and exchange an advertisement, image: slip-on material
  • convenient to use
  • Perfect for arranging modern and stylish interiors
  • wide application: advertising, billboard, visual communication system, interior decoration
  • We produce illuminated frames in typical or atypical formats, on request (according to customer's dimensions and specifications)
  • maximum format 200x600cm

LED frames - made to measure


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Illuminated LED Frames - OWZ / Magnetic - Made to measure / On request

Exposure: one and two-sided

Version: wall-mounted or suspended

External dimension: on request

Frame color: silver anode, black or acc. To RAL palette

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