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Folding parquets

LED dance floors R G B - folding Weddings / Events

Folding Parquet - LED S Magic Floor

Star Dance Parquet LED S Magic Floor - will delight with its beauty, enchant wedding guests and add magic to every special moment, such as: birthday parties, fashion shows, exhibitions, events .
The unique, timeless style and stunning effect with LED backlight, immortalized in a photo or film, will remain in the memory of the bride and groom and wedding guests.
It will bring great benefits to event organizers: Wedding Houses, Exhibitors, Clubs, Hotels.
The wireless connection of the individual parquet elements (panels) makes the folding easy , without the need for tools, without binding the cabling, connecting wires or plugs.
nstallation and removal is very simple, fast, hassle-free.
Power is supplied through a set of wireless connections with which a single parquet panel is equipped. It is enough to fasten aluminum strips, mounting brackets and individual elements together, and close the edges with an aluminum rim. The set combined with elements 60.8 x 60.8 cm and 121.6 x 60.8 cm has a more attractive appearance, it creates 
harmonious whole.
Available in white and black, the colors
can be combined , freely configured, according to the individual fantasies of the user. Fabulously easy to use. The control is carried out using a wireless remote control, variable pace, colors (RGB option), will bring unforgettable fun to the dancing users.
Maintenance free, easy to maintain, maintenance free.

  • An indispensable element of wedding houses equipment
  • A spectacular dance floor for exhibitions, fashion shows, fairs and events
  • Perfect for interior design
  • Foldable - quick installation and uninstallation
  • Ultra thin design - from 2.8cm
  • Available colors of the parquet: white and black
  • Backlight colors: White and RGB
  • Fill the place of your floor with energy-saving Illuminated Floor, Folding LED Dance Parquet S Magic Floor - Ultra thin, light and easy to install .....
  • Dedicated: Wedding Houses, night clubs, discos, pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, exhibition boxes. fashion shows, events ...

Folding parquets

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