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Video LED Floors

 Floors VIDEO LED illuminated dance floors R G B 

A perfect element of scenography, fixed and mobile installations ...

  • Modern, fully illuminated, using the latest LED technology
  • Arrangement of panels: quick and convenient
  • The offer includes many models, with various technical solutions and levels of advancement, in various sizes, depending on the project and needs
  • Consider the use of an Ultra Thin design - from 44mm
  • When implementing your project, use the latest technology, choose our LED Dance Floor from the available sizes, models ...
  • Motherboard: acrylic or tempered glass
  • Backlight: RGB LED
  • Controls: via video controller, LAN, WiFi, PC ....
  • Frame construction: steel or aluminum
  • Fill the place of your floor with energy-saving Illuminated Floor, LED Dance Floor - Ultra Thin, Light and easy to install .....
  • Dedicated to: night clubs, discos, dance floors, pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, exhibition booths .......
  • The latest technology, at a low price .....

  • VIDEO L E D floors - Effective display of texts, graphics, video images ...

Video LED Floors

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