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LED fluorescent arrays

Fuorescent boards - LED 

Fluorescent LED boards, advertising boards and menus are innovative and creative products in the advertising world. Their main advantage is the ability to operate around the clock, at night and during the day. Other advantages of using this type of product are their durability as well as attractive visual features. They are also able to work effectively for a long time. Very good quality aluminum and tempered glass were also used to create them.

Until now, there have been many classic advertising media in the public space, including illuminated or glued boards. Thanks to their practicality, each of them can be replaced by LED fluorescent arrays. An additional convenience in using this equipment is a convenient wireless remote control. The advertising accessories sold are also characterized by currently very significant energy efficiency and environmental protection features.
Our offer includes LED products that are used in:
  • hotels,
  • restaurants,
  • bars,
  • pubs,
  • pizzerias,
  • pastry shops,
  • stores.

LED fluorescent arrays


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Fluorescent Markers - for LED Fluorescent Board

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