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Car Equalizer - Music Sticker


Car Equalizer / Music sticker / Interactive poster

Exposure: one-sided

External dimensions: 10x42cm and 50x30cm

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Car Equalizer - Music Sticker / Interactive Poster  

The Car Equalizer moves to the beat of the music.

Increase the attractiveness of your car.

Product Advantages

- easy to assemble

- flexible and very thin, with a smooth surface - only 0.3mm thick

- visible in the fog, smoke

- lifetime: 12,000 hours

- connected to the 12V cigarette lighter socket

- any application / glued on the side or rear window, inside the car or on body parts

- gives amazing visual effects

- attracts attention

- increases the attractiveness of your car

- sound activation

- low power consumption

- cold and soft light

External dimensions of the offered model:

a) No. 1-7: 10 x 42cm.

b) 8. Wigs: 50 x30cm.

Material: PVC

External inverter

No extra frame

See how it works:



Models to choose from:


1. Dance 42x10cm

Electro Cowboy.gif

2. Electro Cowboy 42x10cm


3. Spiders 42x10cm


4. Moonwalker


5. Hip Hop 42x10cm

HIPHOP Fire.gif

6. Hip Hop Fire 42x10cm


7. Footballers 42x10cm


8. Wings 50x30cm

The set includes: Car Equalizer + inverter (adjustable sensitivity) + cable with a tip for the car's cigarette lighter socket / set.

================================================== ========

Look in the store for other dimensions and Car Equalizer designs.

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Product description:

  • innovative technology, using Utra Thin Panel - EL Poster
  • Light source scattered on the surface of the poster or advertisement
  • The animation program can be adapted to each photo, project, advertisement.
  • Ultra thin design: only 0.3-0.8mm !!!
  • Possible any shape and size - according to customer's wishes
  • It can be STICKED on the wall in the form of a wallpaper or framed
  • Perfect for vehicle wrapping
  • Sound activated - can move to the beat of the music
  • Energy saving
  • Controlled by an inverter hidden in the frame or placed outside
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • 12V power supply
  • Wide application: car tuning, visual communication, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, bars, night clubs, gas stations, airports ...

  • Use innovative technology for advertising, promoting your brand, product ...

  • Dedicated: vehicle tuning, night clubs, bars .......

  • Price of a non-standard product, depending on the size of the poster, graphic animation, number of steps / sequences of lighting ...
  • Non-standard product, made according to customer's pattern
  • Maximum format: 1000mm x 2000mm - can be combined

Technical Specifications: Click Product Details

================================================== ========

  • We offer Car Equalizer in other, non-standard dimensions and designs, on request.

  • Are you looking for a Car Equalizer in a different design or size? Make an inquiry

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2- car equalizer all4media-pl.jpg


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Car eq./1

Data sheet

MODEL Car eq.
Backlight Type: EL Poster
Weight: 0.2 kg
Set contains: Car Equalizer + inverter + cable
IP protection class: IP30
Power consumption: -
Backlight color: -
External Dimension: H: 100xW: 420cm / H: 300xW: 500mm
Image size: -
Resolution: -
Viewing angle: 140 °
Power: DC12V
File loading: -
Brightness adjustment: No
Building: PVC
Service life: 5000h / 5000hrs
Warranty: 12 months
Brightness: -
Scan: -
Control method: Inverter
Memory: -
Refreshing: -
Number of displayed colors: -
Working temperature: -15 ° C + 60 ° C
Best screen distance: -
Exposure: -
Video formats supported: -
Supported photo formats: -
LED quantity: -
Source of light: -
Sound Control: Yes Yes
Front plate color: -
Remote No
Number of ready-made programs / animations: Single color-17 programs / RGB-20 programs
Interactive System: -
Number of motion sensors: -

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Car Equalizer - Music Sticker

Car Equalizer / Music sticker / Interactive poster

Exposure: one-sided

External dimensions: 10x42cm and 50x30cm

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