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Car Equalizer - Music Sticker


Car Equalizer / Music Sticker / Interactive Poster

Exposure: one-sided

External dimension: 10x42cm and 50x30cm

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Car Equalizer - Music Sticker/ Interactive Poster

Car Equalizer moves to the beat of the music.

Make your car more attractive.

Advantages of the Product

- easy to install

- flexible and very thin, with a smooth surface - thickness only: 0.3mm

- visible in fog, smoke

- service life: 12000 hours

- plugged into a 12V cigarette lighter socket

- any application/ffixed to the side or rear window, inside the car or body parts

- gives amazing visuals

- attracts attention

- increases the attractiveness of your car

- sound activation

- low power consumption

- cold and gentle light

External dimensions of the offered model:

a) No. 1-7: 10 x 42cm.

(b) 8. Wigs: 50 x30cm.

Material: PVC

External inverter

No additional framework

See how it works:

Models to choose from:

1. Dance 42x10cm

2. Electro Cowboy 42x10cm

3. Spiders 42x10cm

4. Moonwalker

5. Hip Hop 42x10cm

6. Hip Hop Fire 42x10cm

7. Footballers 42x10cm

8. Wings 50x30cm

Includes: Car Equalizer+inverter (adjustable sensitivity)+cable with tip to car cigarette lighter socket/kpl.


Search the shop for other Car Equalizer dimensions and designs.


Product description:

  • innovative technology, using Utra Thin Panel - EL Poster
  • Light source scattered across the surface of the poster, advertising.
  • The animation program can be customized for each photo, project, advertisement.
  • Ultra thin design: only 0.3-0.8mm !!!
  • Possible any shape and dimension - according to the customer's wishes
  • You can stick on the wall in the form of wallpaper or frame
  • Ideal for bonding vehicles
  • Activated by sound - can move to the rhythm of music
  • Energy efficient
  • Controlled by an inverter hidden in the frame or placed outside
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • 12V power supply
  • Wide application: car tuning, visual communication, hotels, markets, restaurants, pubs, bars, nightclubs, gas stations, airports....
  • Use innovative technology to advertise, promote your brand, product...

  • Dedicated: vehicle tuning, nightclubs, bars.......

  • The price of the custom product, depending on the poster dimension, graphic animation, number of steps/backlight sequences....
  • Custom product, executed by. customer pattern
  • Maximum format: 1000mm x 2000mm - can be combined

Technical Specification: Click Product Details


  • We offer Car Equalizer in other, custom dimensions, and designs, to order.

  • Looking for a Car Equalizer in a different size pattern? Make an inquiry


strona glowna2.jpg


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Car Equalizer - Music Sticker

Car Equalizer / Music Sticker / Interactive Poster

Exposure: one-sided

External dimension: 10x42cm and 50x30cm

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