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PosterMan - Mobile Billboard - Backlit LED

Weoffer you the product PosterMan. A new form of custom ambient advertising.

Designed to create a specific product or service, for a specific advertising campaign.

Custom use of existing stationary advertising media such as billboards, advertising poles, advertising display cases, stumbling sticks, hanging posters.

PosterMan is a mobile ad medium that interacts with the recipient, a passer-by within its reach.

Very high efficiency, illuminated at night. Ideal for indoor and outdoor campaigns.

Lightweight and comfortable, on the back.

  • one-time or multiple advertising campaigns
  • promotional campaigns
  • Fair
  • Events
  • 2015 flyers
  • spread invitations
  • ticket sales
  • Backlit LED
  • Independent power supply
  • Quick poster replacement
  • OWZ frame
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • On the back
  • Perfectly visible during day and night



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PosterMan Mobile Billboard Type: L/SL

Exposure: double-sided.

External dimension in mm: 1450x630x50

Frame color: black/black

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